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tame impala
brixton academy
30th October 2012

Picture courtesy of RichardIsaac.co.uk

The 30th of October saw the arrival of Aussie band tame impala entertain a sold out crowd at Brixton Academy. They delivered a set that never grew stale, or lack-lusted yet a constant remember of why tame impala are so loved and adored. The pure essence of psychedelia on a 70s groove. The bands selection of songs kept an excitable audience on their toes as uproars of cheers echoed around the theatre at the break of each song. Crowd favourites 'Elephant', 'Solitude is Bliss' & 'Mind Mischief' were clear examples of how to get a crowd moving. Amongst a packed setlist oozing with psychedelia and experimental rock the bands performance felt entirely unique and fresh, somehow. With strong supports from 'The Amazing' & 'Young Dreams' it created the perfect showcase for these Aussie favourites. If you ever get to see this band, go. Even just to appreciate what a wonderfully creative & unique genre psychedelic rock can be.


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