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Release Date – 22nd October 2012

Label – Domino
Rating – 5/10

Villagers have returned after their debut album Becoming a Jackal reached the hearts of folk/alternative lovers a-like. However, new track ‘The Waves’ seems to be a new sound in comparison to the humble, warming sound of the first album. The track itself starts as if Villagers have taken a dose of electronica. Its always an enjoyable risk to hear bands push their boundaries, and try to create a new sound, but in terms of Villagers perhaps they should have stuck with what they know. The song itself I think fails to cover-up a rebranding of their sound, it’s as much a new sound, but not necessarily as strong as their previous record.

Release Date – 26th November 2012

Label – Believe Recordings
Rating – 6/10

Oxford five-piece Wild Swim have released their debut track ‘Echo’. A truly distinctive sound that is created by the sheer voice prowess of frontman Richard Sansom. Sansom’s haunting high-octave voice progressively immerses you in the track. Often compared to the likes of Wild Beasts, Wild Swim have created a track that is unflustered, creative and progressive. The track is laced with intricate drum patterns, seductive keyboard and the vocal mastery of Sansom’s. A band that are worth a listen, yet perhaps not something to scream and shout about. The band have released a self-produced b-sides with their second track ‘Bright Eyes’.

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