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I interviewed SWIM DEEP for 'Alternative Jukebox' which you can check out below:

BTOWNERS Swim Deep have made quite a name for themselves this year. The release of ‘Honey’ catapulted Swim Deep into the music worlds spotlight, their distinctive trashy-look and ‘beach grunge’ vibes have caught the eyes of many. With stacks of plays on MTV, the launch of a solo tour and talks of their debut record, Swim Deep are a band to watch. We spoke to the Austin, Higgy, Zachary and Cavan to mark the closing stages to a successful year and to discuss what’s next as they drop the tour-partying antics for work in the studio.

You guys just finished a UK tour with Splashh and Spector, how was the tour?

It was incredible. We couldn't of hand picked a better tour if we tried. We were basically just partying with our best friends for a month straight.  

How were Splashh and Spector as company on the tour? 

Really cool man, There we're just so many vibes floating around you could see them, and eat them.

Any crazy or troublesome antics on tour with Spector/Splashh? 

I think we managed to get us Spector and Splashh kicked out of every single bar we went into after the shows. We were just being little brats to be honest. I (Zach) got wrestled to the ground by a huge bouncer in one of the city's it was really funny looking back, but really scary too.

Are you surprised at the support ‘Honey’ has been getting? Plays on MTV in particular are nothing to be ashamed off. 

Definitely nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just so amazing that our music's making its way into people’s minds through all these cool shows that we all used to watch when we we're little being like 'How cool would it be to get on this show man' It’s a dream I guess.

In Feb, you’re off riding solo, you excited about embarking on a solo tour and to take centre stage?

Yes we can’t wait, We've only played like 2/3 headline shows so far and there definitely the coolest shows, to know that everyone in the crowd is there to see you play is an amazing feeling. It all seems so far away though because we have an album to record before it, but it’s going to be ace!

Which dates are you most excited about on your tour? 

All of them. Obviously the home coming to Birmingham is going to be huge, the London date, but we've been to most of these cities before on the Spector tour so it’s going to be so good to go back and rock shit.

How has the recording process of the album been so far? 

Great, we're in Brussels and at the moment it feels like it’s the best place we could have chosen, the vibes are so good out here, the studios amazing, we have the best producer (Charlie Hugall) what more could we possibly need...

Whats the next step for Swim Deep? 

Well we have the album to record, then we have Christmas to celebrate which we're all huge fans of, headline tour in February. Next year's going to be very busy for swim deep it’s going to be incredible.

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