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Dog is Dead delivered a short but sweet set last night at Bournemouth's Summer Ball. With a crowd packed to the rafters with the likes of The Spice Girls, Hippies & Superman the tent was set for a frenzy with drunken students. However the second Dog is Dead walked out the crowd was in ore of their musical genius. 'Young' and 'Glockenspiel Song' sending collections of wigs to bob up and down. Dog is Dead's passion to play is clearly illustrated as they bounce around the stage thoroughly enjoying each others company and musical talent. Vocalist, Robert Milton in particularly pushes a cheeky grin as he sings to a carnival of drunkenness. A band definitely worth seeing and for me it was the second time. Glastonbury 2010 with them just breaking onto the introducing stage and it's nice now to see them as more an accomplished artist that are fast-developing a name for themselves. 

This music video created by 'The Blind Club'. A wonderful example of creative imagery.


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