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tallest man on earth
'There's No Leaving Now'

Kristian Mattson, also known as the fast emerging Tallest Man on Earth has released his third studio record entitled 'There's No Leaving now'. A record packed with emotional highs and lows, from acoustic ballads to punchy folk, Mattson's variety in acoustic music always draws in a new or regular listener. Previous records are as immersive as the latest release with songs such as '1904' and the album titled track 'There's No Leaving Now' particularly proving Mattson for the strong vocalist and song-writer that he really is. All albums entirely recommended for a Swedish musician that deserves much more public approval than he's given. Performances on Jools Holland - viewed below - proved how even the greats recognise his superb talent. Fortunately the album also came with a free 45, including '1904' and 'Cycles' on side B, a track exempt from the album. An evening at Greenman with this fellow is one that should stick with me. 

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