The difficulty with festival decision making is that although you pay ludicrous amounts of money-in comparison to previous generations- it all falls down to the perfect line up. With no Glastonbury this year it falls down to other contenders to grab the nations attention. The likes of Lattitude, Reading & Leeds and Bestival to name but a few, all offering a truly unique and distinct line-up to its competitor. However its a medium sized festival which has caught my eye for the second year running. Greenman at Glanusk Park sits this year from 17th to the 19th August and offers a vast range of truly unique and exciting artists. This blog is to explore the line-up of this vast-developing festival.

Greenman goes as my number one priority festival as it offers tonnes of new bands, offers some golden oldies - Dexys/Van Morrison to name a few - and also is perfectly sized, easily accessed and well-created festival. For £125 for a student ticket, its impossible to go wrong with a fast-developing and over-achieving festival.


1. Alt-j
Alt-j's year has gone from strength to strength, the recent debut album 'An Awesome Wave' saw them burst onto the music scene with a incredibly powerful and distinct sound in comparison to a very diverse music industry. Songs such as 'Ms', 'Breezebrocks' and 'Dissolve Me' are all particularly distinct from one another giving an overall album that is constantly keeping you on your toes.

Psychedelia punk band 'Toy' have recently began creating a name for themselves. With appearances in the Guardian the five-piece lead by Tom Dougall combines elements of punk, post rock and psychedlia. With only two songs released to date - 'Left Myself Behind' & 'Clock Chime' - both entirely different their performance should give a chance to prove what the band's time away writing has produced. Album set for release in September and a band I am much looking forward to exploring.

3. Tallest Man on Earth
A late night setting with a Swedish fellow and his guitar, not much can beat the soft and also powerful voice of Tallest Man on Earth, or Kristian Matsson. An act that i've longed to see in the flesh, and I presume after watching countless live performances on youtube and also Jools Holland that Matsson will deliver a roller-coaster of a performance.  

4. Michael Kiwanuka
A year that's tumbled Michael Kiwanuka into national acclaim. The sweet and soulful sounds of Kiwanuka have made hearts melt through all ages. A vast fan-base for a man just starting a prosperous career. 'Home Again' giving many tracks that are deep, and rich-filled in emotion. A performance that I can say will be one to admire a man in his greatest form yet.

Kwes is a brilliantly original electronic artist that songs that were plugged by pitchfork as 'Best New Track' and now a heap of shows in London, including a Boiler Room session means that Kwes is receiving more and more attention from a huge genre in today's industry. Not only does he write for himself he works with many other bands such as the xx, Hot Chip and Damon Albern's Monkey Opera. An electronic artist with a heavy but rewarding workload.

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