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  the xx  
the coal exchange

 An archaic venue paired with an immersive, transcendent and over-powering sound made for quite a spectacle on a chilled Tuesday evening in Cardiff's Coal Exchange. Supported by 2:54 as part of Cardiff's own 'Swn Festival' the XX graced the stage at the historical venue that couldn't contradict the band's contemporary sound anymore. A solid performance by 2:54 went down well with a crowd filled with a diverse variety of people. From young to old, fans packed into the venue to be treated to some of the most contemporaneous and spiritual music around at present. 
With the album, 'Co-exist' released a day before the gig it did give little chance for those listeners to learn the words in a frenzy the night before, yet it offered a superb showcase for what seems to be a similar yet still entirely unique and fresh album. Old tracks such as 'Infinity' 'Stars' & 'Intro' went down well with a well-oiled,excitable crowd and new tracks 'Angels' & 'Chained' seemed also to resonate with the audience. 
The first time The XX have visited Wales, and I for one would be willing to see them time and time again, after seeing them two years ago it seems to be a band that's music is effortless and timeless. 
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