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Grizzly Bear

Fans of 'Grizzly Bear' have been left waiting for 3 years since the previous record 'Veckatmiest' transpired around the world with its instrumental grace and beauty. New album 'Shields' holds together the creative, energetic and emotional sound that we know and love from 'Grizzly Bear'. An example of pure originality in sound and triumph. This Brooklyn four-piece have released their fourth album that could stand as a personal favourite. An album that digs deep into immersive and transcendent rock and psychedelia as well as holding back to give an emotive and inspiring sound. Both singles 'Sleeping Ute' and 'Yet Again' slot in to a beautifully crafted album. Songs such as 'Speak in Rounds' and 'A Simple Answer' give reason to purchase the album. Previous albums 'Veckatmiest' 'Yellow House' & 'Horn of Plenty' all offered something different where as this album is homely, warming and feels deeply emotional. After 6 months apart from one another to have a much-deserved break 'Grizzly Bear' have returned with an album set for endless enjoyment. A pure example of creative vocals, orchestral drums and an array of strings offers an album that as a whole is wonderfully satisfying. 
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