N E W   M U S I C 

Tonnes of new releases for you to get your teeth into. 

 m o l d     b o y 

Another lovely release from Art Is Hard, this time it's Fake Laugh. 

Reeks of Effort have done it again this time with the release of Sick of Hits, featuring YRRS, playlounge and Birdskulls, £4 cassette price, and a measly £1 download price, so whatcha do-en? go buy it.

 y r r s    /   p l a y l o u n g e   /   b i r d s k u l l s 

As well as that Reeks of Effort have released the debut EP of Bristol band Trust Fund, also cheap of chips so get to it. 

 t r u s t   f u n d 

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