G  R  E  E  N  M  A  N

Greenman 2012 delivered once again amongst handfuls of rain, mud and vegetarian cuisine. 

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top 10

1. Alt-j
Alt-j delivered a outstanding performance of sheer perfection. The foursome tore apart the Far Out tent leaving a crowd filled with pumped-up joy. An incredible polished performance playing throughout their debut album 'An Awesome Wave'. A witness to a masterpiece.

2. Feist
Feist's playful and powerful performance to close the final live performances of the festival topped off another outstanding performance. Her sheer enjoyment and passion to perform her own music encouraged a crowd into uproar. A set filled with songs to tug on the heart strings and those to jump and scream.

3.The Staves
An example of pure perfection vocally. The three-piece Staves delivered a perfectly polished performance. Songs such as Mexico and Motherlode sent the crowd into cheers/claps. As well as their playful and casual persona on stage, they gave a truly mesmerising performance.

4. Stealing Sheep
Stealing Sheep have grown and grown in the music world. There unique style and powerful performance can feel like it's missing from their latest record, yet when they begin to perform on stage with their energy and sheer talent is something not worth missing.

Kwes offered a totally unique style of electronica to a folk-orientated environment. As darkness fell on the Greenman Pub stage, Kwes accompanied by two shy and timid females gathered a large crowd for this small stage. Witnessing a genius of electronica was something entirely unique and fresh to the rest of the festival.

6.Tallest Man on Earth
As expected Tallest Man delivered, just to bare witness to Kristian Mattson in his element alone with his acoustic guitar offered a spine-tingling sensation as his uproars of passion flooded the Far out tent. There is something truly unique to a guitar and a voice, and one as strong as Mattson's offered an inspirational performance.

7. The Bees
The Bees offered a powerful, well-constructed and incredible performance that forced a packed far out tent into a frenzy of claps and cheers. The talent of The Bees lies in their way to adapt and multitask to multiple instruments and each time provide a professional performance. A real mix of folk,blues and jazz combined into a single band.

8.Michael Kiwanuka
Its impossible to not love the sheer soul of Michael Kiwanuka, accompanied with a large percussion section and backing band Kiwanuka offered a polished performance which could have easily been mistaken as listening to his record. A sheer example of pure talent in voice and song-writing.

9. The Wave Pictures
The band that don't look like a band - but could potentially be some of the most talented musicians to bare witness. Not a band that focuses on image or style but the sheer love and desire to play incredible music. 

Metronomy headlined the Mountain Stage for Saturday night and the whole performance was a sight to bare witness, with an incredible lighting display paired with a strong performance by the band themselves, Metronomy finished off an action packed Saturday line-up.

Other notable candidates:
Van 'the Man' Morrison
Gang Colours
Dark Dark Dark
Jamie N Commons
Slow Club
Ghost Poet

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